Characteristics of a Good Boiler

A good boiler should have the following characteristics: The boiler should have maximum steam generation rate with minimum fuel consumption. ..

22 hours ago
Triple point phase diagram

Triple Point of a Substance

Every substance has triple point. Triple point of a substance is a point at which it exists in solid, liquid and vapor phase. Triple point ..

23 hours ago
Centrifugal compressor

Centrifugal Compressor

A centrifugal compressor is one of its class machines in producing pressure rise and is known as turbo-compressors. In centrifugal compressors energy ..

3 days ago
Pressure-volume and Temperature-entropy diagram for the air-standard brayton cycle

Brayton Cycle

The air-standard Brayton cycle is a theoretical cycle for gas turbines. This cycle consists of two reversible adiabatic or isentropic processes ..

3 days ago
schematic diagram of Gas-cooled reactor plant

Gas-Cooled Reactors

The first gas-cooled reactors with carbon dioxide (CO2) gas as coolant at a pressure of 16 bar and graphite as moderator were developed ..

3 days ago
Free body diagram sliding in friction

Laws of Friction

The sliding of a solid body in contact with another solid body is always opposed by force of friction. Friction acts in the direction opposite ..

5 days ago
Thrust ball bearing

Types of Rolling Contact Bearings

Rolling contact bearings are also known as anti-friction bearing due to its low friction characteristics between ball and inner and outer ..

5 days ago