hand pump design

Water Hand Pump: Parts and Principle

  Water hand pumps are manually operated pumps; They are used for bringing water from earth underground to earth surface and is used ..

2 days ago

Jigs and Fixtures: Their Purpose

Jigs and fixtures are essential work-holding and tool holding devices in industries. These devices facilitate clamping of the workpiece ..

1 week ago
Radial drill machine

Drill Presses

The standard machine tool used for drilling is the drill press. There are various types of the drill press, the most basic of which is the upright ..

1 week ago

Machine Tools: Elements and Parts

A machine tool is defined as one which while holding the cutting tools, would be able to remove metal from a workpiece in order to generate ..

4 weeks ago
Carpentry machines

Carpentry Machines

Carpentry machines are intended to process wood. These machines are usually powered by electric motors and are used extensively in woodworking ..

1 month ago
Arc-welding tools

Arc Welding Processes and Equipment

  Arc Welding Processes In arc welding process, an electric arc between an electrode and a workpiece or between two electrodes is utilized ..

1 month ago