Schematic Diagram of Magneto Ignition System

Magneto Ignition System

Magneto ignition system is a special type of ignition system with its own electric generator to provide the necessary energy for the vehicle ..

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splash lubrication system

Various Lubrication Systems

The various lubrication systems used for lubricating the various parts of engine are classified as Mist lubrication system Wet sump lubrication ..

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Steam power plant that operates on the Rankine cycle

Simple Rankine Cycle

  The simple Rankine cycle is also a reversible cycle. Consider the idealized four-steady-state-process cycle in which state 1 is saturated ..

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cylinder fitted with a movable piston

Comparison of Heat and Work

Some of the similarities between heat and work are described under. Heat and work are both transient phenomena. Systems never possess ..

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Pressure-volume and Temperature-entropy diagram for the air-standard Diesel cycle

Diesel Cycle

The air-standard diesel cycle is shown on p-V and T-s diagrams respectively. This is the ideal cycle for the diesel engine, which is also ..

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Different modes of heat transfer

Modes of Heat Transfer

  Heat is a form of energy which transfers between bodies which are kept under thermal interactions. When a temperature difference ..

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Fin type heat exchanger

Heat Exchangers Classification

Heat exchanger is a process equipment designed for the effective transfer of heat energy between two fluids. For the heat transfer to occur ..

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Computer aided design of a video game joystick

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) systems describe software systems capable of creating, modifying and analyzing an engineering design. This involves ..

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