Ever Wondered why Rolex Watches are so Expensive? Watch this..

Rolex Submariner Date Oyster, 40 mm, steel watch

If you have ever wondered ever why Rolex Watches are so expensive you can watch this video made by Watchfinder & Co, on demonstration of Rolex Submariner DATE Oyster, how it is being disassembled each part, showing the intricacies work involved in hand making the time piece in exquisite detail.
Rolex Submariner Date Oyster, 40 mm, steel watch
In 1950’s, time these Rolex watches were not as expensive. This Rolex Submarine watches are revealed to the public in the year 1953, this watch was a diving watch, that features a water resistance for a high pressure. Appealing to both professional and hobby divers, the Rolex Submarine watch set the recognisable standard in the watch category, its price is reasonable and practicality unmatched. Rolex also developed non-chronometer versions of the Submariner model watches that were even more affordable at reasonable price.

These Rolex Luxury watches are the most instantly recognisable watches ever made and continues to be one of the most popular watches.

Via: Watchfinder Youtube Video

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