5 Important Purposes Of Engineering And Technology In Fashion Industry

applications of Engineering and technology in fashion

Like many people say that Physics is everywhere, I would say that engineering is everywhere. Without the word “Engineering” nothing is complete. If you buy a simple needle from a store, you will find great work of engineering in that as well. This needle is just a tiny thing but when we talk about a big industry like fashion, there we find the different purpose of engineering. Researching deep about the connection between fashion and engineering, I found 5 things where it meets each other. But before that, let’s know more about engineering.

Engineering is the part of this world for a long time. Even when science wasn’t discovered, engineering was there in the form of wheel, wedge, lever and pulley. These engineering is the example of massive mind that human has and for modern world engineers, this is like a gift from God. These inventions push the world towards technology and to think beyond the things. Today we have everything and enjoying a comfortable life just because of science and engineering. So, it’s an important part of our life, and now it’s everywhere.

Coming back to the role of Engineering in Fashion Industry, let’s discuss the five major points where we can’t move forward without the help of technology. Here I will discuss these by talking leather fashion garment industry as an example.

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