Advantages of Using Die Casting over Sand Casting

Advantages and benefits of selecting Die Casting over Sand Casting (Sand Molded Casting) process are given as under.

  1. For die casting process require less floor space in comparison to the sand casting process.
  2. Die cast helps in providing precision dimensional control with a subsequent reduction in machining cost.
  3. Die casting provides greater improved surface finish compared to sand casting.
  4. Thin section of complex shape can be produced efficiently using die casting process.
  5. The more true shape can be created with close tolerance in die casting.
  6. Casting shapes produced by die casting are usually very less defective.
  7. Using die casting process parts can be produced very quickly.
  8. It produces more sound casting than sand casting.
  9. Its rate of production is high as much as 800 casting/hour.

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