Differences between Shaper and Planer Machines

Shaper machine and Planer Machine
Comparison between shaper and planer machines is given below in the tabular form.

1 In a shaper machine work is held stationary and the cutting tool on the ram is moved back and forth across the work. In a planar machine, the tool is stationary and work piece travels back and forth under the tool.
2 Shaper can be used for shaping much smaller jobs. A planer is meant for larger jobs than can be undertaken on a shaper. Jobs as large as 6 meter wide and twice as long can be machined on a planer.
3 A shaper is a light machine. A planer is a heavy duty machine.
4 Shaper can employ light cuts and finer feed. Planer can employ heavier cuts and coarse feed.
5 Shaper uses one cutting tool at a time. Planer uses several tools to cut simultaneously.
6 The shaper is driven using quick return mechanism. The drive on the planer table is either by gears or by hydraulic means.
7 It is less rigid and less robust. Due to better rigidity of planer machine, compared to that of a shaper, planer can give more accuracy on machined surfaces.

Image sources: felder-gruppe.at and jiwan.in


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