Types of Welded Joints

weldingThere are five different types of welded joints for bringing two parts together for joining.
Five types of welded joints are butt joint, corner joint, lap joint, tee-joint and edge joint.

1. Butt joint:

In Butt welded type, the parts lie in the same plane and are joined at their edges.

2. Corner joint:

The parts in a corner joint form a right angle and are joined at the center of the angle.

3. Lap joint:

Lap joint consists of two overlapping parts.
butt joint, corner joint, lap joint, T joint and edge joint

4. Tee-joint:

In a Tee-joint, one joint is the right angle to the other joint in the approximate shape of the letter “T”.

5. Edge joint:

The parts in edge joint are parallel with at least one of their edges in common and the joint is made at the common edge(s).

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